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Pat is a certified Blissborn™  Birth Hypnosis Educator



Details About the Blissborn Program

Blissborn™ Classes:

  • Rebecca Rivers Ellisor teaches Blissborn in Olympia BornInEcstasy.com

  • Phone number is 360-481-0299 and email: rebeccaellisor@gmail.com

    Rebecca has used hypnosis for all of her babies and now has been trained as a Certified Blissborn™ Educator as well as a doula.  We will be sharing our responsibilities as Blissborn™ Educators. 

  • The Cost includes five two to three hour classes, and includes all materials, including 6 CDs/Mp3s and a comprehensive student manual.

  • You and your partner will learn and practice specific self  hypnosis techniques to use in labor. 

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