14 Tips to Avoid a Cesarean

I had the pleasure of speaking at our local International Cesarean Awareness Network yesterday on this topic, and now I’m posting my list here. Before reading please know that you can do everything on this list and still need a cesarean. This list is to help you either avoid an unnecessary cesarean or a cesarean caused by interventions used inappropriately. There will always be some women who truly end up needing a cesarean for the health of her and her baby.

No one thinks they will have an unnecessary c-section, but many c-sections are preventable. The personal beliefs and philosophy of your doctor, the policies of your hospital, and the decisions that you make before and during labor can all make a c-section necessary that could have been avoided. Right now 1 in 3 American women are giving birth surgically. If a vaginal birth is important to you, then you need to take your birth seriously.

The 14 tips in detail