About Pat


  • Pat has been in the health field for over 50 years. First as an RN, then a nurse practitioner/nurse midwife, and most recently as a hypnotherapist.

  • Pat combines her medical background with her hypnotherapy experience to provide a comprehensive and caring approach to health care.  Pat incorporates mindfulness into all of her session.

  • f61d53acfdd25da4b6d044730eca2acdHer interest and passion for hypnosis developed as she saw it being used for pregnancy, labor and birth. She has been providing Hypnosis for Fertility and HypnoBirthing since early 2000.

  • She now teaches a powerful Birth Hypnosis program called Blissborn  and is regularly teaching classes.

  • She provides surgery preparation and hypnosis for stress reduction.

  • Please feel free to contact her with questions or to seek an appointment for any of these services. Consultation appointments are available.

  • Phone: 360-943-8933

  • Email: cnmpat@comcast.net

  • Pat’s Resume