Peaceful Birthing

Peaceful Birthing is a philosophy and attitude. It is about respecting the mom and the baby from before conception, through pregnancy, birthing and beyond.

Peaceful Birthing comes from implementing a variety of modalities that enhance and contribute to a positive birthing experience. It is about establishing a connection andrea3with your baby’s spirit.

Peaceful Birthing is about the mind-body link. Imagery, hypnosis, visualization all contribute to the well being of the baby and the mother. Learning to be close to our baby’s spirit guides our actions and choices for birthing.



The body and mind work together with many systems of the body. Your mind is connected to the endocrine (hormone), immune, and autonomic nervous system, which governs all of our activities. The autonomic nervous system is sub-divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Hypnosis allows for the Parasympathetic System to help calm your body. The Sympathetic System is the Stress System, and it needs to be quieted. 

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  • Enhancement of Endorphins, the Pleasure Chemical

  • Relaxations techniques that will last a lifetime

  • Decrease the stressful associations with pregnancy, labor and birthing

  • Increases the mother – baby-parent bond

  • A more natural labor because of your ability to relax deeply

  • Gentle birth breathing to encourage your baby’s peaceful birth into the world

  • At birth, an awake, refreshed and energized birthing mother

  • A greater understanding of how your body functions

  • Parenting Confidence developed thought understanding

  • Expand upon the techniques of relaxation and deepening to stop the fear-pain-tension syndrome as described by Grantly Dick Reed in Childbirth Without Fear

  • How to have an undisturbed birth. as described by  Barbara Harper in Gentle Birth Choices, and Sarah J Buckley in Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering