Blissborn Birth Hypnosis

The Blissborn Class Series

Pat is a certified Blissborn™ Hypnosis Educator

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Class Series

1. Discovering Self Hypnosis

2. Practical Skills for mother and partners

3. Birth Without Fear

4. Tame Labor Pain with your Brain

5. Putting it all together

Learn techniques that will shorten your labor and minimize your discomfort: 

cd1-90Recording and Focus for Class # 1: Discovering Self-Hypnosis

Learn the secret to profound relaxation that offers no resistance to labor, and how to re-activate it with a simple word prompt. Experience the power of visualization.

cd2-90Recording and Focus of Class # 2:

Practical Skills for Mom and Partner

Moms need lots of support in labor! Partners become hypnosis coaches and learn about what REALLY helps moms. Practice staying in hypnosis while walking and opening your eyes. Learn about birth anatomy, terminology and phases of labor.

cd3-90Recording and Focus of Class # 3: Birth Without Fear

Fear is a message from the deeper mind. Learn to identify the fears that could derail an otherwise perfect birth, and transform them into calm and confidence.


Recording and Focus of Class # 4:

Tame Labor Pain with your Brain

Learn the secrets of the mind that have allowed people for thousands of years to reduce sensations in their bodies and suffering in their minds. Practice different ways to control sensations in hypnosis.




 Recording and Focus of Class # 5: Putting it all Together

Put together all the skills and info from the first four classes so you’ll feel confident and excited about your birth. Birth plans, labor positions and pushing phase suggestions. Partners practice their ‘duties’ and special hypnosis techniques. Look beyond birth to your plans for the baby. Learn how to use hypnosis to speed healing, jumpstart breastfeeding and get by on less sleep. In hypnosis, create the blueprint for the labor and birth you desire.

cd6-90Recording # 6: Blissful Birth

This is a bonus recording. For use in labor to assist you with your hypnosis trance state.