Cedar is here!

cedar-2Cedar is here!  All 9lbs 1.5oz worth…  He was 21” and was born in the water at the Birth House in Olympia on the 28th.  Melissa was able to go into labor naturally after going through early labor for almost 2 weeks.  She had lots of very intense contractions during that time and thought he was going to come many times.  I felt very sorry for Melissa when she hit 41 weeks… I think the pregnant woman’s worse enemy is the internet.  We were starting to get scared she was going to have to be induced and started making appointments to monitor the baby to make sure he was still okay.  41 weeks and 1 day she labored and stopped 3 or 4 times and then stopped with no contractions for hours.

Finally on Monday afternoon at an appointment, she was checked and measured at 4cm, which you can be at for days!  We went home to help Cedar move a bit cuz he wouldn’t stop sucking his thumb J  We only made it an hour before I told Melissa to go back to the Birth House (she didn’t want to go… just thought it was another “false start”, even though we know its not false starts right? Its all part of labor)  She got checked and was at 5cm!  Thank goodness I packed the bag just in case and was in the trunk.  She started active labor around 4PM and did her amazing miracle…  For almost 6 hours she listened to the Blissborn CD’s which helped a lot and after a lot of work, Cedar was born at 9:51PM in the water.  We were home by 2AM.  It was amazing and beautiful, the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed.

I know Melissa was in a lot of pain, but she, at the same time as thousands of other women aroundcedar-1 the world, persevered and brought life into the world. He came out healthy and very aware.  He is doing great and is a little chunk of love!  I know Melissa doesn’t regret have a natural childbirth, but it was a lot for her to go through with.  I personally will never look down on any woman for deciding a hospital with epidural or a natural birth experience.  I’m not sure I could watch someone go through that again… She was a birthing goddess, however, she is glad it is over and can now move on to introducing Cedar to the wonders of the world. J