Emily’s Birth: July 5, 2011


Emily’s Birth: July 5, 2011

When we were pregnant with our first child I knew I wanted to have a natural birth without intervention or medication (my mom had six of us naturally so I knew I would be capable).  I was unable to use a midwife due to our insurance, so had to use an OB at a hospital.  We signed up for the Birthing From Within classes and I read books about natural birthing. I was ready.  

My labor started at night two weeks early, and progressed very quickly.  My contractions were coming so fast I didn’t know what to do, and when offered the epidural took it.  My first daughter was born 1.5 hours later, most of which was pushing.  I still regret that decision, but all in all it was still a great birth.

When I found out I was pregnant with our second child I knew I needed to find the tools to help me thru another fast labor should I have one.  I also knew that I would do whatever it took to ensure the best possible birth for my daughter.  I didn’t want any intervention or medications – I believe the epidural made my first daughter very sleepy those first 24 hrs and made breastfeeding difficult as a result.  

emily_and_sisIn my search for the tools I felt would work I found Pat and decided to take her Blissborn class.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The classes gave me what I needed.  

The ability to deeply relax and let go, addressing any fears I had, and building trust that my body was capable of a comfortable birth to name just a few.  It requires practice daily, and I found I got better the more I practiced.  I knew though that I would need more in case I had another fast labor, so I also practiced the HypnoBirthing breathing techniques, I reviewed  Birthing From Within, read Ina Mays books, and watched Orgasmic Birth.  It all ended up playing a role in the wonderful birth of my daughter Emily.  

emily_and_sis.2The day I had Emily, I woke up that morning and had a strong feeling that it was the day.  Very mild contractions started around 1130.  I saw my midwife for an appt at around 2pm.  I still wasnt having very regular contractions, but was 2cm dilated.  She was not sure it was the real thing yet, but I knew it would be soon.  Since we live about an hour from the hospital I knew we needed to stay in town, so we went to the zoo and walked around.  As we walked the contractions started growing in intensity and soon were between 1-3 min apart.  

We decided it was time to go when I needed to use my relaxation techniques and could no longer walk during a contraction.  We got inside the hospital at around 6pm (after coordinating pick up of our 5yr old daughter). We got to triage, and at this point my contractions are 1-2 min apart and I am having to really focus on using my ‘Let Go’ trigger that allows you to relax.  The triage nurse watched me have a few contractions and said she had another patient who she thought for sure would be staying to have the baby. In other words, because I was staying calm and relaxed she didn’t even believe I was in active labor!! So we stayed in the room for 45 min, until I asked my husband to tell them to come check me.  The nurse came back and found I was 6cm.  She was very surprised, and skipped the whole triage process and got me to my room. 

My contractions are more uncomfortable this time in comparison to my first.  I believe Emily started off posterior and so I had a lot of back and wrap around pain with each one, whereas with my first I could say I really didn’t have pain, just the intensity. This is where the classes and practice really paid off.  I could have easily let it overwhelm me, but I was able to stay relaxed, and found that when I did the discomfort significantly decreased.  I was able to just let the process take over and surrender to and accept the discomfort because I had worked thru my fears and trusted that my body knew what to do, I just needed to stay relaxed. They wanted to hook me up to the fetal monitor – they gave me the option to stand, but I knew that with my relaxation techniques sitting would be good for a while (I had remained standing the entire time thus far).  It went by fast.  The contractions were getting more intense and coming one right after the other, but this time I had the tools to draw on, and I used them all.  

emily_sleepingI moved into the shower so the spray could help with my back labor, and it was here that I drew from the Orgasmic Birth video, simply putting myself in the scenes I chose (believe this is called transferring), and it worked very well. As I got close to transition (when I needed to start deep moaning sounds which help with the intensity) we filled the tub and that did provide some relief.  As my sounds changed and I started to feel an urge to push I asked the midwife to come check me.  I was 10cm and 100% effaced.  Since I wanted a water birth they had to quickly get the birthing tub ready and immediately moved me over.  For me this phase of birth was new since I had gotten the epidural at this point with my last one (which I shouldn’t have been able to).  I had no fear though, I had worked thru all of that before this day arrived.  I just needed to let go and surrender to the power and intensity that took over, which was no easy task.  My contractions were up to 2min long and almost no space to relax in-between.  My urge to push was very strong and I literally didn’t even need to think about it, my body just took over and I contributed when I instantly knew I needed to. I was in the birthing tub for 20min before Emily was born, so it was very fast. She came out calm and very alert 2 hrs 20 min after we got to the hospital.  She breastfed beautifully and still does.  

Thank you for making such an amazing birth possible!  I will be recommending Blissborn to everyone I know who is expecting.