James and Isabella: Birth Hypnosis Babies

James’ Birth – March 10, 2008

Mommy-and-James-2008My husband and I completed HypnoBirthing lessons before the birth of our first child, James. I went into labor at home and had a natural birth in a hospital, grateful to enjoy the hybrid experience of a non-medicated birth in a medical setting, should the need for intervention arise. My entire labor and delivery was about 6 hours.

I experienced very intense pressure and yes, pain, but with the skills I learned to relax my body and allow it to do its work made it possible for me to have a natural experience. The pain was intense, but with hypnosis and relaxation, I was unafraid of the pain. My labor and delivery progressed very quickly and soon I had my baby boy in my arms!

Isabella’s Birth – March 7, 2013

Isabella-2013My husband and I completed Blissborn classes for the birth of our second child. I thought Blissborn was even better than the previous class I had taken for James. Isabella’s birth was even faster (about 4 hours total)! Again, I progressed very quickly while breathing through all of the contractions. My contractions were so strong that there were no breaks in between towards the end, so that made things move even faster. I progressed so quickly that my assigned doctor wasn’t able to get to the delivery room in time, and the hospitalist OB on duty almost didn’t make it in time as well!

The nurses said I went from 5 cm to 10 cm and crowning in 10 minutes! I did not end up listening to my cds during actual labor since it was so intense, but since I had put in daily practice for months, it was easy for me to remember what I needed to do without actually listening to the cds. My husband was even more supportive because of what he learned in the Blissborn classes as well. He was my advocate and support, even taking the lead when it came to talking with the nurses about my needs and wishes. We would recommend Blissborn to anyone expecting a baby!