Liam’s Birth: June 28, 2011

Liam’s Birth: June 28, 2011

Before conceiving my son, I was a big advocate of what I considered “suffer free births”. I always said that God created epidurals for a reason, and the last thing I wanted was for my child to be born into the world with me screaming “get him out of here”. Then I got pregnant, and my type A personality kicked into over drive and I began researching the impacts that interventions have on deliveries. I knew then that I would do whatever it took to give my baby a safe and natural delivery, I just didn’t know how, but I was clear that natural childbirth required training.

Just like if I were going to run in a marathon I would train and prepare, I wouldn’t be able to walk into the delivery room without training and have a suffer-free natural childbirth. I consulted in a friend of mine who was a doula and she offered her services as a gift, but said she’d only do it on one condition, that I contact a Hypnobirth specialist a sign up for training. That is how I found Pat and was introduced to Blissborn.

The first thing I said to Pat when I contacted her was that I had no idea how to relax. This was true for myself. I was high strung, always on the go, and in need of being in control. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and was pleasantly surprised during our first session. The first time we practiced, I quickly feel into a hypnotic state. I left feeling relaxed, confident, and rejuvenated. As I practiced, I quickly learned how to relax under any circumstance at any time.

The practices that my boyfriend and I did together brought us closer and deepened our ability to communicate with each other. This program made our commitment to have an intervention free, suffer free childbirth a 50/50 job, and mine and my boyfriend’s confidence began to grow.

I had imagined going into labor gradually, but it hit me very fast. Within two hours, I was having contractions that were 1-2 minutes long and 5 minutes apart. Having it be unexpected, I grew very scared. My boyfriend stepped in and used the tools we had used and quickly had me relaxed and no longer telling him how I couldn’t do it.

I was in labor for 14 hours, during which I listened to my Blissborn CD’s the entire time, and my boyfriend used techniques and affirmations. There were times I wanted to give up, but with the tools we learned, I came back to a relaxed state and ready to fulfill on my commitment to have a labor with no interventions.

I pushed for only 45 minutes, and my precious little boy was placed on my chest. That moment was the most empowered I have, and will ever feel in my life. I now know myself as someone who can do anything.

My boyfriend now knows himself as being more confident than he ever thought possible. The doctor that delivered our son sat on the end of the bed with us for a few moments and continually commented on how alert he was. He latched right on to my breast and I knew that it was my Blissborn training that had got me to this point. He is such a sweet boy, and we are so lucky.

Blissborn is the key to have an intervention, suffer-free childbirth. It is possible, and my son Liam is living proof.