“MICROBIRTH” is a feature-length documentary looking at birth in a whole new way, through the lens of a microscope.

The film explores the latest scientific research into the microscopic events that occur during and immediately after birth.

This compelling, brand new science is starting to indicate that if the natural processes of childbirth are interfered with or bypassed completely, this could have devastating consequences for the long-term health of our children.

Just to be clear, this film is not calling for an end to interventions as many times they are essential and they can be life-saving.

But as this new science is starting to indicate, the use of synthetic oxytocin to induce or speed up labour (Pitocin / Syntocinon), antibiotics, C-section, the routine separation of mother and baby immediately after birth and formula feeding, could significantly raise the risk of our children developing serious disease later in life.

And as the film shows, the medicalisation of childbirth could even be contributing to a potential global human catastrophe predicted to happen by the year 2030.

This catastrophe could have a devastating impact for the future of our species.