Welcome to Peaceful

water-birthThis website is to introduce you to the concepts of Peaceful Birthing, and the Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Program that I teach.

I am in the process of a conversion to the WordPress format, so things will be under construction for awhile. I believe our babies deserve a peaceful and calm birth to become peaceful and calm beings.

Pat is a certified Blissborn

Birth Hypnosis Educator


Summer Scheduled 2013 Classes

  • Class series starting June 3rd, Monday

  • Class series starting Saturday morning, July 6th

Classes also forming now for fall due dates.

Class size is limited, so contact Pat if you are interested at 943-8933 or

All classes are held at Pat’s West Olympia office:

147 Rogers NW, Olympia, WA

Private sessions can always be arranged to fit your schedule, including HypnoBirthing refreshers.

The course involves five sessions in which you will learn and practice specific self hypnosis techniques to use in labor.
The program also includes 6 CDs and a comprehensive student manual

More about the program