Sonja and Jon and Baby August !

Auagust-13We ended up having our baby girl 2 weeks early at 38 weeks, on Friday Sept 27 !  She was perfectly healthy, guess she was just ready to come out:).   My body was showing signs that week, so I was thinking it might happen early.  On Thursday night we went to bed and I woke up at 1:30 am with contractions, started timing them and listening to my cds and within an hr my water broke.  So we headed to the hospital and when we got there I was dilated to a 7 !   The pain was rough, but manageable.  I got into the birthing tub and went right into transition, which was not very manageable !!  :). It lasted a few hrs, and I had the Blissborn cd playing the whole time, which comforted me, although during the transition it was very hard to truly feel relaxed, but as long as I kept breathing in (which Jon was very good at reminding me to do) it got me through!

Now i know what you meant by wanting to get away from your own  body!:) august-13-2 He said I was very quiet and calm, but I know that for an hr or two I definitely sounded like a dying goat!:).  It was this strange rhythmic sound i made when breathing out that made me feel better!  Finally, we got to the pushing stage, which surprisingly was not very painful, just tiring !

I pushed for 45 min and our little August Eileen was born at 8:46 am in the water!   A total of 7 hrs all together !! And completely natural and unmedicated.   She was 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 in.  The nurses and midwives were all very impressed and loved seeing the water birth.  We definitely give credit to the Blissborn classes for preparing us and keeping us calm!

During the birth and directly after, I thought my August might have to be an only child:) but the next day, all pain was pretty much erased from my memory!  And I hope to do it all the same way next time!  And now I know how completely possible a wonderful birth is!   She is also a wonderful and peaceful and patient baby, and eats like crazy already!

august-13-3I hope everyone is doing great and shares your baby news soon! And good luck to any of you who haven’t had yours yet, you will do great!  Maybe we can all meet up sometime later on too!  Thank you guys and thank you so much Pat!!!

-Sonja and Jon and Baby August!

October 2013