Spiraling Hips for Labor


The seasons, the galaxies, the molecules in our cells, wind, women’s sexual cycles, and the baby being born through the pelvis all move in spirals. Our minds process information in a non-linear way, we cycle through our thoughts through our daily rhythms and nightly dream cycles. Learn to recognize the cycles in your life, by honoring the cycles of the sun and moon, your menstrual cycles, and the birth year cycle.

There are two directions to the spiral: expansion and contraction.

During birth, do you want to experience contractions or expansions?

Practice spiraling your hips regularly during pregnancy to prepare for birth. Assist your baby to be born through your pelvis by making spiraling movements with your pelvis during labor, similar to hula-hooping or bellydancing. Bellydancing and other sacred fertility dances were used for hundreds of years to prepare women for childbirth.

Vanda Scaravelli, yogini and author, writes in Awakening the Spine that “we have to avoid angular movements and adopt circular, spiral ones”. She refers to this movement as “spiral-circumpheric” and describes the gentle spiraling gestures of the body as a way to deepen yoga practice through healthful movement.

Creating spiraling movements with the spine and pelvis aligns the vertebrae and nurtures coordination of the body and mind. Spiraling results in the embodied remembering of the natural movements of children free of neuromuscular restrictions.

More information: http://mynaturalchildbirth.org/natural-childbirth/