Stop using ultrasound to determine sex of fetuses, urge doctors, radiologists

Personal comment: this is no surprise to me.  I have been concerned about the impact on the sexual organs of our little ones. Parents really want to know. So, think about it. We really don’t know the long term impact….

Canada’s pregnancy specialists and the nation’s radiologists are calling for a halt on using ultrasound for the sole purpose of determining the sex of a fetus.

In a new joint policy statement, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the Canadian Association of Radiologists also say it could be considered unethical for private, commercial clinics to offer “entertainment” ultrasounds purely for the purpose of creating “keepsake” videos for expectant parents.

The position statement comes amid mounting concerns that in Canada, people are using ultrasound to determine the sex of a fetus early in pregnancy and to have it aborted if it is a girl.

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