Study examine 16,924 midwife-led homebirth that confirm health and safety of mother and baby

(TRFW News) The Center for Disease Control reports that home births are on the rise in the United States. (3)  Many families worry about safety and choose hospital births in case of emergency.

A  2014 study that examines nearly 17,000 courses of midwife-led care confirms that among low-risk women, home births result in low rates of interventions without an increase in adverse outcomes for babies and mothers alike.  (4)

The results of the study confirm the safety and positive health benefits for low-risk mother and babies.  The study reports that midwives provide excellent care at every step of the birthing process.  Cesarean rate is 5.2 percent for midwife led homebirths in comparison to 31 percent for the national average in the United States.  (1)

Home birth mothers are shown to avoid unnecessary interventions in labor.  Some interventions may be necessary but studies are showing that many interventions are overused, lack scientific evidence of benefits and carry addition related risks.  Midwives were shown to excel at being cautious and judicious when using interventions and this resulted in healthier outcomes and easier recovery for mothers and babies.  The study reported fewer incidents of episiotomies, Pitocin, and epidurals.   (2)

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