U.K. report shows most pregnancies better off with midwives than ob-gyns

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), a U.K. organization that provides national health care guidance and advice, has just released new guidelines for giving birth. According to NICE’s findings, women with low-risk pregnancies are better off in the care of midwives than traditional obstetricians. They recommend that most pregnant women should seek out midwifery care and attempt to give birth outside a hospital setting. What can we, here in the U.S., learn from these new guidelines?

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Giving birth is a life‑changing event. The care that a woman receives during labour has the potential to affect her – both physically and emotionally, in the short and longer term – and the health of her baby. Good communication, support and compassion from staff, and having her wishes respected, can help her feel in control of what is happening and contribute to making birth a positive experience for the woman and her birth companion(s).