Welcome baby Esme!

esme-12-14Little Esme was born blissfully on 12/10/14 at 4:17am. Amazing and positive experience even in light of my husband matt getting a stomach bug and not being able to attend as my support person. My college friend Erin came to stay with me when I told her matt was sick and she ended up being my support person and doing a fantastic job. We had talk about my hypnosis class and how I was planning on incorporating that. I started to have regular contractions around 11pm, took a bath and listened to disk 6 of the cd.

Got to the hospital at 2am and delivered 2 hours later! I Got a break in between my contractions! They were about 2 min long contractions but I got a break and could rest. It was fantastic. At every contraction I visualized a positive experience in my life which was racing a 50 butterfly in the pool. For some reason that experience felt right and really helped me get through every contraction. Then I pushed her out in 12 minutes 🙂 happy and healthy. Very minor tear like a half a stitch. Also, I feel so much better energy wise than with my first birth. My body doesn’t hurt, not even my bottom.

Thank you so much for your class. I know it made all the difference between this birth and my first birth. I told matt that I would do it again!