What is the Fetus Ejection Reflex?

The prevalent culture in modern society is that of dominion over and control of  nature, as well as the domination of groups of people by the other groups of people that hold more power. Similarly women and their bodies are dominated by the cultural paradigm of the time, no less by doctors and midwives in the arena of childbirth. Women and doctors alike are bearers of the culture and in settled agricultural societies it has been expedient for the offspring to be warlike and to be bonded to the prevailing culture of the group, not to nature, the individual or the close family. For this reason, it has been common through centuries for midwives and birth attendants to interfere with and control labour and birth.

Such action interferes with the highest peak of oxytocin release a woman and baby will ever experience. Oxytocin is associated with labour, birth, sex, love and attachment behaviours. It appears to play a large role in our social behaviours and modulates conflict or aggressive responses. Michel Odent speaks about the role oxytocin plays in our capacity to love as human beings and that when we interfere during birth, we interfere with perinatal imprints of oxytocin and our long term capacity to experience feelings of deep love and ecstasy. This in turn has extended global implications.

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