What You Need to Know About Newborns

A doctor told a very good friend of mine that the first three months of a baby’s life is like a fourth trimester (I guess it wouldn’t be called a trimester then but whatev). He said that some major development is far from done but we wouldn’t be able to give birth to their giant heads if they stayed in the womb any longer (I wouldn’t say that they fit really well at 40 weeks either but I’m not going to argue with nature.)

My friend told me this when my first son was about a month old and I was trying to implement all the “well intended” (code for “shit”) advice that is often bestowed on a new mother. It was like an Oprah A-Ha moment and it made perfect sense. If I just let him live his life like he’s still in the womb my life will become way less complicated. Here’s what I did: