Why I’m Choosing Homebirth After Two Easy Hospital Births

We are birthing our babies in a time when the experience of childbirth has been taken over by busy, often impatient, doctors who are trained to suggest unnecessary testing and interfere with drugs and medical equipment which, once instigated, sets in motion a domino effect of unnecessary interventions. We live in a time when the childbirth experience has been distorted by movies and TV, a time when birth horror stories are a national pastime. We have been conditioned to believe that the pain of childbirth will be agony, that only doctors are qualified to deliver children, and  that we should always submit to the authority of doctors if we want what is best for our baby.

It’s not our fault. We don’t know any better. We just do what our mothers did, what our friends are doing, what we see on TV, what we read about celebrities and their VIP hospital wings after their scheduled C-section/tummy tucks.

I’ve known that I was going to have a home birth for a long time now. Since well before I became pregnant. This time I’ve done my research and it’s all so simple. Something stinks in American healthcare, specifically when it comes to childbirth. We have been led astray.  That doesn’t mean I’m advocating against hospital births.  As mentioned, my hospital experiences were fine and choosing to give birth in a hospital is certainly an excellent choice. So is choosing to give birth at home.

The point is, there is a choice. That’s not something a lot of women realize. Or if they realize it they have an incorrect perception of giving birth at home.

We’ll talk more about that in the days to come.